Since late 2000, SETU has been implementing ‘Worst Form of Child Labour (WFCL) Programme’ for prevention and elimination of child labour from Bidi Industries of Daulatpur, Kushtia, Mirpur & Kumarkhali Upazilas under Kushtia district. The overall approach consists of withdrawal and prevention strategies, along with a set programmatic intervention at the community level households and workplaces. Through the awareness raising, 1551 families among 1752 target families have agreed to withdraw their children from bidi factories. During this period, 53 parents’’ group have been formed, 1199 group meetings were organized and 21 coordination meetings with parents were held. 2 video shows, 26 one-day orientations on child rights, 22 focus group discussions and 6 street dramas were organized for awareness creation among people on the concerned matter. As a result of 7 counselling process, a total of 1,723 children have already been withdrawn from the bidi factories. In the program areas, 28 educations cum multipurpose centres were established and provided non-formal education to 851 child bidi workers and pre-schooling services were provided to 306 young seedlings of target families. Skill development training on income generating activities (IGA) was given to 746 parents, and IGA fund distribution has already been initiated to earn additional money by the parents.

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