Community Learning Movement (CLM)

Community Learning Movement is a part of the process to build up local level leadership and capacity so that the marginalized communities will be able to advocate for themselves. Under the program of grassroots advocacy initiatives a community learning movement is being launched by SETU with the perspective of social changes. It is being done by facilitating capacity building of the grassroots level activists and local community leaders in advocacy and mobilizes people for their rights and against all sorts of exploitation and injustice.

SETU initiates grassroots advocacy to introduce the concept and practice of people-centred advocacy at local level and facilitate to build up advocacy network of empowered social activists from grassroots level to national level with a rights-based perspective of social changes.

SETU facilitates to build the capacity of 117 activists of Kushtia district. They organize and mobilize community people to raise their voices to ensure essential services and social safety net program of the government. Besides, they play their role in the issues of proper distribution of public resources like land, water bodies, forests etc.

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