SETU’s Potentials and Prospects:
The organization has got enormous potentiality in the above lines of action (Program & Project implementation with all out success), including undertaking programs and projects under similar and allied fields afresh and expand its activities accordingly. Its prospect in developing the nature of activities that it is accomplishing now is also great. This is mostly because of its already gained experiences in the concerned areas and fields.

In view of the above potentialities and prospects, it has now been easy for SETU to expand/increase its operations areas even beyond Kushtia District.

SETU’s Aspirations for Area, Activity and Target Group Coverage, Resource Accumulation (both men and material), Strategies to Follow, Problems and Capacity to Encounter Problems and Friends and Foes

SETU is aspirant and determined to well and successfully address/cover its operations areas, activities and target groups. Inter alia, it aspires to follow in immediate future also the strategies it has been following now in deposit/savings mobilization and in resolving the problems, if any. Virtually, during last two decades, SETU has attained sufficient practical knowledge and skill from the field, which is its main asset to go ahead with any sort of program/project with success. Its personnel are also well trained and highly conversant with field behavior and socio-economic, cultural, political and religious environments. SETU has already made these environments and behaviors conducive for its efficient working in its operations areas. To that extent, SETU has made all people of its operations areas, friends, and not foes.

SETU’s Sustainability:
By this time, SETU has attained reasonable sustainability in its operation and management matters. Its effective sustainability in financial position is a matter of time only, and is not far away from now. The sources and bases have also been obvious. These are a quantum of revolving fund generated from the service fees it has been charging against providing services to the target people, savings of the target group people etc.

SETU’s Appeal to the Donors

SETU has come to stay and sustain with dignity and honor, solely for the purpose of serving the disadvantaged people of the society. But, staying and sustenance are hard to materialize, for which SETU has been requesting the donors to come forward to extend technical and financial hands to SETU.

Legal Status:

SETU has been standing on legal footing all through. It has the following legal status with the Govt. and international organizations:

• Registration No. under voluntary welfare agencies (Registrtion & control) Ordinance, 1961: No. Kushtia-10/86, Dated: 17.02.1986.
• Registration no. under the foreign donation (voluntary activities) regulation rules, 1978: No. DSS/FDO/R-240, Dated: 05.10.1987.
• Tax ordinance 1984, TIN No. 412-400-0094/KC-2, Khulna. Dated: 12.01.2003

Management :

SETU has got a Governing Board for its policy-making and overall functioning, headed by a Chairman. The Chief Executive Officer of the Organization is designated as the Executive Director.

Notice Board