Present Manpower, Logistics, Management, Operations Areas and Target Groups

The present manpower strengths at different levels of the organization are as under:

Categories of Manpower Head Office (No.) Branches (No.)
Senior-level Management Executives 02
Mid-level Management Executives 02
Junior-level Management Executives 02 08
Senior-level Field Executives 10
Mid-level Field Executives 10
Junior-level Field Executives 40
Head Office Support Personnel* 02 NA
Field-level Support Personnel* 08
Monitoring & Evaluation Personnel 02
Accounts Maintenance Personnel 02 08
Other Support Staff** 01 08
Total: 13 92

* Computer Programmer, Computer Operator, etc.
** Driver, MLSS, Technician etc.

The above are regular personnel/staff of the organization. Apart from above, there are some personnel/staff under temporary pay roll. Apart from that, provisions have been there to co-opt services of requisite number of personnel (Both office and field) as and when warranted for operations expansion under different programs/projects.


Present Performance Status:
Even with the present heavy load of the programs/projects in hand, the organization, due to its efficient planning and management policies and practices, including strategies followed, has been successfully going ahead towards its cherished goal. One most important reason of its excellence in the performance status is its participatory approach followed at all levels of its operation and management endeavors.

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